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Black Friday Launch Masterclass affiliate!

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Sign up to be an affiliate here.

step two

Read through this page, as it contains all of the deets you need to promote the Black Friday Launch Masterclass.

aforementioned deets

How do I earn that sweet, sweet cheddar?

Login to your Kajabi affiliate portal here and locate your affiliate link. You'll earn 15%/sale and can peek at your affiliate portal anytime to see how many sales you've made. Affiliates will be paid the week of October 17, 2022.

How much does the masterclass cost?

The class is priced at $147 until 9/30 and will increase to $197 on 10/1... I know, a STEAL right?!

Who is the masterclass ideal for?

Any business owner who wants to have a baller Black Friday launch. This class will be especially helpful for those who wait until the last second to throw together an offer or who have zero idea what to launch.

When can I promote the masterclass?

Right away up to the moment we go live on 10/12

What are the details for the class?

  1. Black Friday Launch Masterclass: 3 step recipe to a tasty SOLD-OUT Black Friday launch.
  2. Join 2 launch experts, Cierra and Jordyn, for a never before offered masterclass, where we're spilling the secrets on our 3-step proven Black Friday launch formula that's generated over $2.5 million in sales!
  3. 90-Minute Live Masterclass will be Wednesday, October 12th at 12pm EST
  4. Can't make it live? We got you - a replay will be sent to all registrants.

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