we make launching fun. and predictable.

and *cough, cough* simple.
In Black Friday Bootcamp, we're teaching you our proven strategy to Black Friday launches so you can have a chaos-free, exciting, and yes, HELLA profitable launch.

And the best part? Black Friday Bootcamp isn't a DIY course. We're going to hold your hand for 9 weeks all the way from "what the heck should I sell" to "holy crap, I sold out".

Once we receive your application, we will review it and Cierra & Jordyn will reach out to you via Instagram DM to talk all things Black Friday.

you ready for all of those stripe notifications?
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"If it weren't for Black Friday Bootcamp, I wouldn’t have even launched! The skills and strategy I learned in BFB have transformed all of my other launches and marketing too!"

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"My funnel grew by over 200 ideal clients and I made over $3K in sales—my biggest launch by triple!"

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"November used to be my slowest month. Now, thanks to Black Friday, it's my highest sales month of the entire year!"